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Triple Patented Contoured Lifting Belt Overview

The Schiek Triple Patented Contoured Lifting Belt 3004 is the ultimate weight lifting belt, designed exclusively for the powerlifting elite. Whether you are a competitive powerlifter or serious bodybuilder, if you’re training with heavy squats and deadlifts, you should be using a professional weight lifting belt. A belt of this kind adds significant support the lumbar muscles of the lower back and provides extra stability at the bottom of the squat and throughout the movement of the deadlift. It prevents unsafe rounding of the back and allows you to work with slightly heavier weights when performing these movements. If you’re looking for a high quality powerlifting belt, look no further than the Schiek Triple Patented Contoured Lifting Belt 3004.

Triple Patented Contoured Lifting Belt Description from Schiek Sports

-4-3/4" width in back. Our "Power Belt" - Extra firm with reinforced neoprene (available in black only)

-Patented downward angle fits the natural shape of your back

-Patented hip and rib contour for extra comfort

-Patented one-way Velcro for an exact fit

-Belts widen in front for extra abdominal support

-Dual closure system with heavy duty stainless steel slide bar buckle

-Two year warranty

-Washable - hand wash only with mild detergent and air dry

-Made with pride in the US