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BMI Easy Measure Overview

At such a low price, this BMI Easy Measure is handy, accurate and portable everywhere. You can easily calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) with the tape that reads your measurement. It is fast, quick and easy. can offer such a low price because we are a retailer that sells in bulk. You wo't find any other BMI calculator at this low price. Buy one and buy another to give to your friends or family.

BMI Easy Measure Description from Accufitness
Take Body Measurements Privately with the, Integrated 60" Tape!

Calculate Personal Body Mass Index with the BMI Calculator!

Manufacturer's Directions
Take Body Measurements
-Pull the end of the tape around any body part that you want to measure (pressing center back button makes tape pull easier).
-Place the post at the end of the tape into the circular socket.
-Press the button in the center (back) and let the tape retract to a snug fit. Release button; tape locks in place.
-Read your measurement where tape enters housing.
-Watch your improvement!
-Remove post from socket, press and hold button (back) to fully retract tape.

Calculate BMI
-Using the dial on your BMI Easy Measure, align your current weight (outer, rotating dial) with your current height (inner, stationary hub).
-Your current BMI will display in the viewing window

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