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The Orb Extreme - Deep Tissue Massage Ball Description from Pro-Tec Athletics
General Application:
-4.5" Diameter
-High density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to IT Band, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Calf and more
-Firmer, more prominent bumps than standard orb
-Multi-directional roll provides focused massage to target specific areas
-Made from non toxic, latex free closed cell EVA/Polyolefin foam

Benefits of deep tissue massage:
1. Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
-Promotes flexibility
-Enhances performance

To clean, wipe with disinfecting cloth or damp towel.

Made from non toxic, latex free closed cell EVA/Polyolefin foam

Manufacturer's Directions
CALF: Roll the Orb up and down calf. Cross ankles for a more aggressive massage.
PIRIFORMIS: Rest piriformis on the Orb, roll in circles.
IT Band: Using both hands for balance, roll the Orb up and down IT Band, targeting areas of tightness.
QUADRICEPS: Balancing on elbows, roll the Orb in small circles or along length of quadricep, emphasizing areas of tightness.
HAMSTRING: Roll the Orb in circles or along length of hamstring.
BACK: Roll the Orb against wall in small circles or up and down back. For a more aggressive massage, place the Orb on the desired muscle and use body weight to direct massage.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Pro-Tec Athletics strongly urges consultation with a medical doctor before using this product. Discontinue use immediately if pain or excessive discomfort occurs.

Pro-Tec Athletics assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury which happens to occur while wearing this product.