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Equipment and Accessories

The effectiveness of your fitness program is largely dependent on using the proper exercise equipment. Having the right equipment also ensures optimal safety when engaging in extreme sports or weight lifting. We carry a full line of time-honored workout accessories such as exercise mats, gloves, straps, wrist wraps, belts, jump ropes, exercise balls and balance boards. These well-made products will keep your training sessions productive and will greatly reduce the risk of injury.

The Right Gear for a Successful Workout

During weightlifting and other weight bearing exercises, belts, gloves and straps give you added support to prevent accidents and injuries. Using an exercise ball, you can keep your body in the correct position to strengthen your core muscles and properly support your back while doing resistance training. A jump rope is an “old school” yet highly effective cardiovascular workout that's much cheaper than an elliptical machine or a membership at the gym.

You'll also find products such as ankle and wrist weights, medicine balls, pushup tools, weight vests, ab-carvers, power grips, chin-up bars, yoga blocks and yoga mats, resistance tools and stretch bands.

Exercise for Health and Fitness

Whether you're in training as a professional athlete or keeping fit for your general health, to lose weight or to improve endurance, these high-quality fitness equipment and accessories will create a satisfying workout, even at home or on the road. All Star Health offers the gear you need to help achieve your fitness goals, all at affordable prices.

All Star Health: Optimal Health for the Entire Family

Our extensive inventory includes a complete line of vitamins and supplements, specially formulated sports nutrition, tools for effective weight loss, specialty formulas and herbs, ingredients for a healthy kitchen, exercise equipment, bath and body supplies plus everything you need to care for your pets.

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