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Barley Grass

Information About Barley Grass Supplements

Barley is a cereal grass cultivated for various nutritional and agricultural purposes. Barley grass supplements are made from the highly nutritious green leaves of young barley plants. Barley grass, like spirulina, bee pollen, and lecithin - is sometimes classified as a 'superfood' because of its dense concentration of nutrients.

Health Benefits of Barley Grass

A nutritious green superfood loaded with phytonutrients, chlorophyll and fiber, barley grass has nutritional benefits similar to dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. In convenient capsule or tablet form, it's often used by people who don't obtain enough of these vegetables in their diet, and also by those who find green foods to be cleansing and alkalizing.

Using Barley Grass Supplements

Barley grass has very low toxicity. Most people use manufacturer recommended doses, some use more or less according to preference. Chilled apple juice works well for mixing barley grass powder into a drinkable, flavorful beverage.