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Egg Protein

Egg Protein Supplements: Information

Egg protein supplements are derived from the whites of chicken eggs. This type of protein is of very high quality, balanced in amino acids, highly bioavailable, and is fairly inexpensive compared to whole eggs or other high-protein foods. Egg white protein supplements are also carbohydrate and cholesterol-free. Before whey and dairy proteins became popular, egg white protein was the 'gold standard' of protein supplements, against which others were judged for quality and biological value.

Egg Protein Supplements: Health Benefits

Egg protein supplements are an excellent choice for dairy intolerant indivduals, or anyone who wants to add high quality protein to their diet. They have a different taste profile than dairy proteins and are preferred by some users for that reason.

Using Egg Protein Supplements

Egg protein is most often used in the form of a powdered egg white protein supplement. It's also widely used in foods like bars and powdered protein blends.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Those allergic to egg products should not consume egg protein, as an allergic reaction may occur.

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