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Fat Blockers

What Are Fat Blockers?

These dietary supplements, known as Fat Blockers, use a special variety of fiber to bind up a portion of dietary fat so that it can be easily eliminated before it is absorbed by the body. When a fat blocker is taken with high-fat meals like fast food or Chinese, they help to offset the fat calories to limit the effect they have on metabolism, general health or weight loss programs. Chitosan fiber is the most commonly used ingredient, which is manufactured from the shells of lobster, crab and shrimp.

Health Benefits of Fat Blockers

Many different factors play a role when trying to determine if a weight loss program is successful. Because of this, clinical studies that have examined the effectiveness of fat blockers have so far been inconclusive. However, because fat blockers do absorb fat, it is quite possible that they may:

  • Contribute to successful weight loss by lowering the amount of fat calories that come from the diet
  • Reduce blood lipids
  • Lower cholesterol
    • How to Use a Fat Blocker

      Use a fat blocker only as directed and only consume them occasionally along with high fat meals. Since fat blockers might interfere with nutrients that are fat soluble, such as fish oil and vitamin A, these supplements should be avoided when using fat blockers. People who are allergic to shrimp, crab or lobster should not take fat blockers.

      Side Effects and Cautions

      With some users, loose stools may occur, depending on the fat blocker ingredients that have been consumed and the quantity of dietary fat in the body. Consult your physician before you combine fat blockers with any prescription medications.

      Fat blockers may be a useful part of a healthy diet and comprehensive exercise program for those wishing to lose weight.