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Goldenseal Supplements: Information

Goldenseal, known botanically as Hydrastis canadensis is an herb in the buttercup family native to eastern North America. Golden Seal has a long history of use dating back to Native Americans who used Goldenseal both internally and externally. Golden Seal was later incorporated into the U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

Goldenseal's Health Benefits

Goldenseal contains berberine alkaloids which have a wide range if biological activity, such as stimulating the immune response.1 Most people who use Goldenseal do so to support their bodies defenses during times of illness or infection; research has confirmed berberine's antimicrobial properties.2 Studies of goldenseal also show it may lower cholesterol.3

Using Goldenseal Supplements

Use as directed for limited periods of time. Goldsenseal is not suitable for long-term or continuous use.

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