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Prenatal Formulas

Prenatal Formulas: Information

Prenatal formulas are specially-formulated supplements for expectant women, but are also suitable for any woman of childbearing age. Prenatal formulas are frequently recommended by doctors and nutritionists given the importance of prenatal nutrition for the baby and the fact that expectant mothers can't always eat a good balanced diet.

Prenatal Formulas: Health Benefits

Prenatal formulas are a kind of nutritional 'insurance policy' that makes sure the expectant mother receives all the essential vitamins and minerals regardless of fluctuations in her diet. Research continues to affirm the importance of prenatal nutrition for the healthy growth and development of the baby, so Prenatal vitamins are playing an increasingly important part of overall prenatal care. Most people also experience at least some improvements in energy and cognitive function when they begin using multis or Prenatals on a regular basis.

Prenatal Formulas: Usage Guidelines

Like all multivitamins, it's very important to take Prenatals with solid food, ideally, in divided doses spread out over the course of the day. If that's not practical, take the full dose with the largest solid-food meal of the day. The time-of-day at which you take a multi or Prenatal – a.m., p.m., or evening - is not important and has little bearing on the benefits you'll receive. It's also important to note that a Prenatal vitamin can't supply all of the essential nutrients needed by mother and baby. Critical nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids are either absent in Prenatals or only present in small amounts. So use a fish oil or flax oil supplement along with your Prenatal to cover this important base. Whey protein shakes would be another great prenatal nutritional supplement; it's the highest-quality, easiest-digesting of all protein sources, and supplies all essential amino acids.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Nausea can occur when any multivitamin is taken with insufficient amounts of solid food.


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