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Nubian Heritage

Bar Soap

8 Options C$4.07

Save up to 40%

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Kiss My Face

Olive Oil Bar Soap

6 Options from C$3.10 - C$5.42

Save up to 47%

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Mineral Deodorant Roll-On

4 Options from C$3.11 - C$3.79

Save up to 52%

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Permanent Hair Colorant

29 Options from C$8.70 - C$13.85

Save up to 64%

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Lip Medex

2 Options from C$2.30 - C$15.21

Save up to 48%

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Earth Science

Natural Deodorant

4 Options C$5.42

Save up to 43%

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Dr. Bronner's

Pure-Castile Soap

4 Options from C$17.66 - C$67.96

Save up to 30%

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Bee And Flower

Sandal Wood Soap

2 Options from C$1.35 - C$1.62

Save up to 34%

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Kiss My Face

Liquid Rock Deodorant

3 Options C$7.46

Save up to 8%

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XyliWhite Toothpaste

5 Options from C$4.07 - C$4.74

Save up to 46%

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Avalon Organics

Glycerin Hand Soap

2 Options from C$5.83 - C$6.78

Save up to 50%

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Kiss My Face

Body Lotion

4 Options C$12.22

Save up to 10%

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Satin Shower Body Wash

4 Options C$11.95

Save up to 36%

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2 Options from C$12.24 - C$18.34

Save up to 44%

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