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Cleansing Formulas

Cleansing Formulas: Information

AllStarHealth offers a range of cleansing products that provide detoxification support for the whole body. All products use natural ingredients and come with clear, easy-to-understand instructions, including any changes in diet or supplementation you may need to make.

Health Benefits of Cleansing Formulas

Most cleansing formulas focus on cleansing the digestive tract, especially the bowels. Specialized cleansing products address detoxification of heavy metals, yeasts or the urinary tract.

Using Supplements

Use cleansing products as directed. Do not use any product containing laxative ingredients for more than two weeks unless advised to do so by your doctor.

Health Plus

Super Colon Cleanse

3 Options from C$11.72 - C$20.58

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2 Options from C$17.58 - C$31.27

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Flor-Essence - Gentle Detox Liquid

2 Options from C$37.78 - C$52.12

Save up to 28%

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D-Mannose (500mg)

2 Options from C$18.62 - C$35.83

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American Health

TAM - Herbal Laxative

2 Options from C$4.29 - C$8.98

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Health Plus

Colon Cleanse Powder

5 Options from C$9.45 - C$34.92

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Traditional Medicinals

Organic Laxative Tea

2 Options from C$4.56 - C$5.85

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2 Options from C$18.62 - C$34.79

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XXtra Clean - Herbal Cleanse

2 Options C$20.84

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