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Pre-Workout Formulas

Power through to reach new plateaus in your training sessions or regain momentum and intensity after a break with a next-generation pre-workout formula. At All-Star Health, our mission is to provide you with the very latest fitness supplements to help you raise your game and be the best you can be. Our pre-workout formulas are designed to be consumed prior to your workout so that you can take full advantage of increased energy, focus and stamina. Whether you're getting back into training after a break or trying to reach a greater level of fitness or endurance, these special formulas will help you achieve your goals.

Pre-Workout Formulas from the World's Top Brands

At, we hand-select our products from the leaders in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Choose from a wide variety of fitness supplements, including accessory nutrients, targeted formulas, liquid supplements, digestion formulas, enzymes, protein, probiotics and much more. For your convenience, our bodybuilding supplements come in various forms, from powders and liquids to tablets and energy bars that are ideal for hiking, cycling, climbing and other sports.

Here's just a small sampling of the elite sports nutrition companies we represent:

  • Cellucor – Their C4 supplement is America's #1 pre-workout brand, letting you train longer and push yourself harder for greater results.
  • EFX Sports – Cutting-edge supplements help you push your body past its previous limits to get the most from your training — without the use of potentially harmful drugs.
  • Gu – Advanced formulas focus on energy, hydration and recovery. Gu offers pre-workout formulas, intra-workout formulas, targeted formulas and sports nutrition to help you push past limits for greater achievement.
  • Iforce Nutrition (IFN) – Hardcore supplementation for hardcore athletes; maximizes performance.
  • Met-Rx® – This world-class company offers a wide range of training supplements, from capsules and protein powder to protein bars, juice drinks and pancake mix.
  • Optimum Nutrition – Makers of the world's best-selling whey protein.
  • Pro Supps – A premiere sports nutrition supplements company that offers quality supplements such as pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout formulas.


PMP - Peak Muscle Performance

2 Options C$34.23

Save up to 46%

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Gaspari Nutrition

SuperPump Max

4 Options from C$32.15 - C$37.03

Save up to 66%

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NO-Xplode Pre Workout Igniter

9 Options from C$48.21 - C$75.33

Save up to 57%

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Optimum Nutrition

Essential AMIN.O. Energy

11 Options from C$30.74 - C$62.33

Save up to 51%

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Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel

5 Options from C$34.25 - C$72.62

Save up to 18%

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Eboost POW Pre-Workout

3 Options from C$25.16 - C$31.44

Save up to 36%

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Six Star Pro Nutrition

Pre-Workout Explosion

2 Options from C$20.95 - C$21.11

Save up to 58%

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Nitraflex PWD

4 Options from C$36.33 - C$39.13

Save up to 42%

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3 Options C$45.56

Save up to 50%

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C4 Energy RTD

4 Options from C$27.96 - C$41.92

Save up to 33%

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