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Pet Fulvic Description from Vital Earth Minerals
Pets are exposed to toxins and have mineral deficiencies just like humans!
Your pet's health depends on detoxifying their system, building their immune system, and strengthening gut health. Fulvic can help! It is a concentrated source of over 70 naturally occurring whole-food plant based minerals that detoxify, and feed deficiencies. Achy joints, low energy, health issues, dry brittle coat, and flaky irritated skin are all signs of nutritional deficiencies.

Exposure to outdoor space sprayed with chemicals is a major threat to your pet's health; they're breathing, playing, eating, and absorbing dangerous toxins such as glyphosate, pesticides, and herbicides. And the grains in many sub-standard, non-organic pet foods have been sprayed with glyphosate, which then passes into their food.

Fulvic is a powerful detoxifier
Fulvic binds to these toxins and flushes them from the system, mitigating exposure and damage to your pet's essential gut bacteria. Fulvic works to restore gut health, which is the foundation of a strong immune system. And for joint stiffness, Fulvic supports healthy normal inflammation response allowing better freedom of movement. Fulvic is your pet's vital link to detoxification, and critical bio-reactions necessary for optimal health.

Non GMO - Non BPA - Gluten Free - Pesticide Free - Sugar Free - Soy Free - Dairy Free - Yeast Free - Vegan - Keto Friendly - Paleo Friendly - No Artificial Coloring or Flavoring - Naturally Mild Tasting

Fulvic Bio-Mass Vegetal Minerals 18.75mg
100% Fulvic in Solution: Contains over 70 naturally occurring plant based fulvic bio-mass vegetal minerals in an unaltered ionic solution; unformulated and in the ratios naturally presented within the original humate/lignite source

Other Ingredients: Purified Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized Carbon Filtered Water

Manufacturer's Directions
Up to 20 pounds: 1 to 2 teaspoons daily
21-40 pounds: 2 to 3 teaspoons daily
41-60 pounds: 3 to 4 teaspoons daily
61-80 pounds: 4 to 5 teaspoons daily
81-100 pounds: 5 to 6 teaspoons daily
Over 101 pounds: 6 teaspoons (1 oz) daily

Can be sprinkled on food, or added to non-chlorinated water. Precision dosage is not essential as any excess will simply be flushed naturally from the system. Can also be applied externally to minor cuts, and abrasions.

Refrigeration is recommended but is not essential.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Since our products do not spoil like a food item, we list the Manufacture Date, to show freshness, instead of an Expiration Date.