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Weight Gain

What Are “Weight Gainers”?

These weight gainer supplements are specially formulated with ingredients proven to help people increase bodyweight. This is effectively accomplished by providing extra protein and carbohydrate calories in an easy-to-use and convenient protein shake.

Who Uses Weight Gain Products?

Weight gainer products are frequently used by young athletes who are more likely to find it difficult to put on weight as compared to older individuals. Having said that, there are many older adults and even seniors who regularly use weight gain supplements. This is because they have a much greater nutritional value than traditional protein powders, yet they’re just as easy to consume as a protein shake.

Protein Shake vs. Weight Gain Product

While a protein shake provides a good deal of protein and not much else, nutritionally speaking, weight gainers are supercharged protein powders, with significant helpings of carbohydrates, fat and frequently modest amounts of vitamins and minerals. Unlike protein powders that are typically based on one type of protein, weight gainers are usually formulated from a blend of proteins. This is often a combination of whey and casein protein (dairy-based), and some manufacturers will also add egg protein and amino acids. Other ingredients will vary in their amounts, flavors and combinations, depending on the brand.

Important Facts about Weight Gain Supplements

Keep these things in mind when shopping for a weight gainer:

  • The type of weight gain can’t be guaranteed by the product alone (increased body fat or muscle and lean body mass). This is determined by nutritional intake and exercise habits.
  • Weight gainers usually include protein, carbohydrates and fat in a proper ratio that supports increased muscle and lean body mass when used as part of a strength training program.
  • The suggested serving size of some products is large; however, smaller serving sizes can be used.
  • The best results will be seen when the weight gainer is used with good, complete nutrition. This includes a balanced diet that’s healthy and filled with vegetables and fruits. A complete multivitamin and omega-3 fatty acid supplement are also highly recommended, along with the weight gain supplement.
  • Difficulty in putting on weight may indicate a serious medical problem. If you are having trouble gaining weight, you should see your doctor.


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