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Women's Vitamins

Women's Vitamins: Overview

A women's vitamin is a dietary supplement specially intended for women that provides one or more necessary vitamins, minerals or other nutrients. A healthy diet based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, etc. should provide adequate amounts of nutrients for most women. However, many factors can affect proper nutrition, such as strict vegetarianism, the use of certain medications, and some illnesses.

It has also become increasingly difficult to obtain proper nutrition while living a modern lifestyle. With such health hazards as stress, pollution, and poor or erratic diet, women today are often deficient in many key vitamins and nutrients. Women's vitamins, while not a complete solution, may help fight deficiencies and help improve health for women with inadequate nutrition.

Adequate consumption of calcium (1000-1200 mg per day, and up to 1500 mg in post menopausal women) is very important for women in order to avoid osteoporosis. Younger women may require more iron, and all women of child-bearing age should take at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily.

Using Women's Vitamins

Read labels thoroughly; dietary supplements are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same way that foods and pharmaceuticals are, and quality may vary by manufacturer. It is important to consult your health care provider or nutritionist for guidelines on choosing a women's vitamin to fit your nutritional needs.

Multivitamin supplements are not intended to be a total replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Foods contain many vital chemicals and nutrients that cannot be obtained through a supplement. Consult a nutritionist or health care provider for dietary guidelines.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Any negative side effects resulting from a dietary supplement should be reported immediately to your health care provider.


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