All Star Health Turbo Shaker (750mL) Transparent w/ Green Lid 1 cup

All Star Health Turbo Shaker (750mL)

Transparent w/ Green Lid 1 cup

MSRP: $3.95

Our Price: $1.50
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Turbo Shaker (750mL) Overview

All Star Health’s Turbo Shaker is the most versatile and affordable shaker cup on the market. If you’re looking for a dependable economy shaker cup, you’re at the right place. Now you can afford to have extra shaker cups on hand for protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, smoothies and on the go mixes without having to worry about doing the dishes every day.

If you’re a dedicated bodybuilder or athlete, you probably use multiple supplements and protein powders that have the best consistency when mixed in a shaker cup. The only thing worse than running out of protein is not having a clean shaker cup ready to use when you need it. Don’t let your only shaker cup end up in the sink or dish washer when you need it most. Order a few All Star Health Turbo Shakers and always have them on stock. They clean easy and are dishwasher safe.

Note: Make sure you use the strainer basket when shaking because it completes the seal and prevents leaking.

Turbo Shaker (750mL) Description from All Star Health
Use this shaker to mix up any of your favorite meal replacement powders. Shakers are perfect when you're at work or in the gym and do not have access to a blender.

Our top of the line shaker bottle has a removable basket strainer that is guaranteed to blend any protein powder we carry and acts as a seal to insure your shakes will not leak.

These shaker cups are exclusively manufactured for AllStarHealth.com and come in a green and white pattern with our logo on the side. We're so sure you'll love these shakers that we're offering a no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

By: on 12/30/2017

I Love my shaker

Great price!

By: on 7/21/2017

Buy five or more!!

These things are fantastic. I have them at home, at work and even keep empty ones in my trunk. At $1.50 they are a bargain and of very high quality build. I keep packs of myoplex at all three places as well so whenever I need to grab a quick protein shake Im ready to go. As a quick tip I would recommend putting powder and liquid in there WITHOUT the white separator just to being. Give in 3-4 shakes. Then take the top off and put the white separator in. This will prevent dried powder form sticking in the sides of the separator.

By: on 6/19/2017

All Star Health Branded Turbo Shaker 750mL Transparent w/ Green Lid 1 cup

This was my first time buying a shaker and for what it is worth, i really can not come up with any complaint about it. I found that adding the beverage/liquid first and then my powder/mix helps everything blend faster and more complete than the other way around, which usually left large globs clinging to the bottom. All in all, if i hadnt ordered 5 of these right from the get go, i would definitely order more of them now, but 5 is more than plenty at the moment. go ahead, get yourself 2 or 3 or more of these shakers, they do the job and clean up really good going thru the dish washer.

By: on 6/06/2017

Very nice

Great price and quality, does the job and no leaks. I have bought spider bottles and blender bottles and I like them too but it is to expensive when I forget and leave one full in the hot car and they get ruined. This is perfect for someone like me.

By: on 11/26/2016

Great Product!

For the price, nothing beats All Star Healths 750mL Turbo Shaker!

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