ALR Building the Perfect Beast...Naturally Book

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ALR Building the Perfect Beast...Naturally Book 1 book

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Building the Perfect Beast...Naturally Book Description from ALR
Applied Lifescience Research Industries Inc. presents Building The Perfect Beast...Naturally
"Building the Perfect Beast...Naturally" is a discussion of the "natural" athlete's approach to obtaining Freak-Status. Of course the term "natural" actually applies to all of the individuals who utilize any-and-all-means to acquire as much muscle mass as inhumanly possible with the only guiding stipulation being "NOT ILLEGAL OR DEADLY" in many cases. How can anyone claim that the use of certain over the counter, gray market supplements, and lifting tons of iron day-in-day-out is natural anyway? Let us be honest. This is already a questionably sane life-style without going into all of the micro-subculture, self-righteous, moralistic, self-centered justifications!

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