ALR Tri-Lean System

1 kit
ALR Tri-Lean System 1 kit

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Tri-Lean System Description from ALR
Tri-Lean Fat Loss System
Fat Doesn't Stand a Chance!

The ALR Tri-Lean System is a complete 90-day, around the clock fat loss system designed to address all the scientific factors necessary to aid in reducing fat. After all one size does NOT fit all.

Hyperdrive 3.0 - Daytime stimulant fat-burner, which also suppresses appetite to reduce caloric intake while burning fat thermogenically (increased body heat)
Zero-Stim - Daytime non-stimulant supplement, which provides: insulin control to support lean mass, an increase in fat metabolism and antioxidant qualities to promote cellular health.
Lean Dreams - Nighttime fat loss formula, which aids in: falling asleep, reducing fat and cortisol levels and promoting a deeper sleep to optimize natural growth hormone levels for greater recover.
T-X - Promotes an increased metabolic rate by supporting thyroid hormone production and naturally increases protein synthesis while improving fat loss by thermogenesis.

The ALR Tri-Lean System should be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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