Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude

Electric Lemonade 1.83 lbs
Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude Electric Lemonade 1.83 lbs

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Green MAGnitude Overview

Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude is a revolutionary creatine blend containing the patented magnesium creatine chelate. Each serving of Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude contains 5 grams of dicreatine malate and magnesium creatine malate. Both forms of creatine in Green MAGnitude have been shown to be more soluble in liquids and absorb better than creatine monohydrate alone. This allows more of the creatine you take in Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude to be quickly absorbed and utilized during workouts instead of excreted as waste and not used at all. This also means you won't get the common side effects of creatine monohydrate supplementation like bloat and stomach cramps.

The other three ingredients in Green MAGnitude include betaine anhydrous, taurine and tyrosine. In an independent study, betaine anhydrous was shown to increase bench press output in trained individuals. L-taurine and l-tyrosine are included for their ability to boost cognitive function and reduce muscle spasms and cramps during training. Overall, the powerful blend offered in Controlled Labs Green MAGnitude can help you take your strength and endurance training to the next level by increasing creatine concentrations in muscle cells and improving recovery.

Green MAGnitude Description from Controlled Labs
We have responded to customer demand and the result: Green MAGnitude...Creatine with ATTITUDE !! If you want to increase your stamina in the gym and gain size and strength, Green MAGnitude is the right choice for you. If you want similar results in convenient capsule form, we recommend Green Bulge. Either way, you are getting a full dose of patented Magnesium Creatine Chelate that has been clinically proven to increase strength.

Key Attributes: Juicy Green Sour Apple OR Green Lemonade Flavors. Exclusive Synergistic Creatine Formula. Instantly Dissolves. Patented Form of Creatine. Improve Strength, Stamina, & Performance. Greater Protein Synthesis. No Bitter CEE Taste. Caffeine Free.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 10.4 grams
Servings Per Container: 80
IngredientAmount% Daily Value**
Calories from Fat0
Green Creatine Matrix5000mg
-2CM Dicreatine Malate
-Magnesium Creatine Chelate
Betaine Anhydrous2000mg
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.

Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors, Malic Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Silicon Dioxide and Sucralose.

Manufacturer's Directions
Combine 1 scoop of Green MAGnitude with 6-8 oz of water for a sweet/tart taste or 12-20 oz of water for a more mild taste. Consume the entire shake pre-workout or half pre-workout and half post-workout. Shake well before drinking.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
You should not take this product if you have any prior medical condition, including diabetes or high blood pressure. Do not use this product within 3-4 hours of taking yohimbe. Consult your doctor before using this product. Do not take this product with MAOI drugs.

By: on 8/14/2015


High quality product and tastes good. I like that they included taurine and betaine for their synergistic effects. Good addition to a creatine-free pre-workout or as a stand alone.

By: on 9/07/2014

Great taste, not great results!

I thought this product tasted very good, but the end results were not what I expected. While using this it felt like I lost strength. I wanted to take this because reviewers stated you would get stronger with out putting on weight. I had high hopes because I wanted to get away from the bloated look from other creatine. I will be sticking with my Universal Nutrition Storm! While it does not taste as good as the mag I feel extremely strong while using Strom.

By: on 6/15/2014

great taste

mixed well and great flavor

By: on 6/05/2014

Candy Flavored Creatine

Not going to be able to report on anything other than flavor and mixing from a single serving packet. The flavor (Watermelon) had a great taste like a Jolly Rancher hard candy at first, but did have a bit of a bitter after taste. I mixed the packet in approximately 8 oz. of water in a shaker cup. After a few drinks to get the taste effect, I noticed that the last drink was very strong. Upon opening my cup, the powder had not mixed as well as it should have. This could have been my error, but I don't normally have this kind of problem.

By: on 5/29/2012

Very effective poduct

This creatine tastes great and mixes easy with water. I've used it for a few cycles and my gains have been consistant each time. Another nice thing is that it didn't leave me feeling bloated and there is no loading phase to deal with.

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