Country Life VaricoVein For Men and Women 60 vcaps

Country Life VaricoVein For Men and Women

60 vcaps

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VaricoVein For Men and Women Description from Country Life
Country Life's VaricoVein was formulated to directly reduce the visible appearance of such things as spider veins as well as reduce much of the discomfort that can be often associated with venous insufficiency. This formulation was also modeled after numerous clinical studies that showed support in the area of leg lesion repair. This condition is often present in those affected by blood sugar disorders.

VaricoVein supports...

-Improved vein tone
-Improved vein integrity
-Decreased inflammation of venous walls
-Improved vein flow
-Vein structure
-Venous elasticity

There has been a great deal of research performed with great success using special bioflavonoid in the Journal of Vascular Research in 1999, it was shown that the use of specific bioflavonoids compounds would support and protect venous structure, integrity, tonicity and elasticity. These bioflavonoid compounds are called diosmin and hesperidin.

Manufacturer's Directions
Adults take two (2) capsules daily with food. For best results, take one with breakfast and one with lunch.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children of pregnant or nursing women. It is suggested that this product not be used beyon 3 moonths continuously unless directed by your health care provider.

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