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Immune Balance For Cats & Dogs Description from Dr. Mercola
Immune dysfunction is the single most common reason owners take their pets to the veterinarian. It may be because their immune systems are on overdrive, torching hidden allergies and itchy skin. Or their immune systems may be under-performing and exposing them to acute or serious issues.

Either way, the reason for these repeat visits is because the animal's immune system just won't behave. Maybe your pet's well-being is also being hijacked by a mixed-up immune system.

The good news is, you can help restore immune balance in your pet, and by doing so, support vibrant health. And maybe, at the same time, reduce the number of unnecessary visits to your vet!

Immune Balance for Pets harmonizes immune function, boosts cell, tissue, and organ repair to help slow cellular aging, supports liver and digestive health, helps restore a healthy gut microbiome, and much more.

No one has ever combined these four immune-balancing compounds before, making this truly a 4-in-1 revolutionary approach to balanced immune health:
-Arabinogalactan from Western larch trees, a prebiotic fiber that ferments in your pet's gut, supporting colon health, protecting your pet's intestinal lining, and promoting a healthy normal inflammatory response
-Bovine Colostrum with standardized IgG (150 mg/serving) from American dairy cows not fed synthetic hormones or routine antibiotics; contains important immune factors, growth hormone, and probiotics
-Certified Organic Moringa leaf powder contains abundant vitamins and minerals as well as valuable antioxidants to promote a normal healthy inflammatory response, helpful for flexible and comfortable joint movement
-Yeast Fermentate grown, harvested and manufactured in the U.S. (contains no active yeast!), increases Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and antioxidant protection within only hours of consumption

For use in cats & dogs only.

Active Ingredients per 1 Scoop (1.7 g scoop included): Colostrum (Bovine) [Providing 180 mg immunoglobulin G (lgG) 600mg, Larch Arabinogalactan [Larix laricina/Larix occidentalis (Tree Heart Wood)] 500mg, Organic Moringa [Moringa oleifera (Leaf)] 100mg, Yeast Fermentate (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 100mg

Inactive Ingredients: Beef Liver.

Manufacturer's Directions
Administer orally, once or twice per day.

Cats (2+ lbs.): Serving Amt - 0.85g; Scoop(s) - 1/2
Toy Breed Dogs (up to 14 lbs.): Serving Amt - 0.85g; Scoop(s) - 1/2
Small Breed Dogs (15-29 lbs.): Serving Amt - 1.70g; Scoop(s) - 1
Medium Breed Dogs (30-49 lbs.): Serving Amt - 2.55g; Scoop(s) - 1 1/2
Large Breed Dogs (50-79 lbs.): Serving Amt - 3.40g; Scoop(s) - 2
Giant Breed Dogs (80+ lbs.): Serving Amt - 4.25g; Scoop(s) - 2 1/2

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Federal law prohibits the off-label use of this product in ruminants.