Dream Tan Emubain 100% Emu Oil 2 fl.oz

Dream Tan Emubain 100% Emu Oil

2 fl.oz

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Emubain 100% Emu Oil Description from Dream Tan
Emubain is our miracle product. It contains Emu oil derived from the Emu bird, a flightless bird native to Australia. Emu Oil is non-toxic, non-irritant skin oil that does not clog pores. Emubain is non-greasy, virtually odorless natural oil absorbed very quickly and is all organic.

This oil has been revered for decades by the Aborigines in Australia, who ascribe miraculous healing powers to it. The remarkable attributes of Emu oil are now being welcomed in sports medicines. It can now be found in the training rooms of an escalating number of professional sports teams and fitness centers across America. An estimated 80% of NBA teams have used Emu oil for aid in reducing pain and swelling from injuries, as well as helping to decrease time lost due to injury.

Many users have testified to the dramatic relief experienced after using EMU oil regularly for the treatment of arthritis. Lab experiments have confirmed that EMU oil is high in linoleic acid, known to ease arthritic pain, and that the polyunsaturated fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect. EMU oil is coming into common use among athletes as a massage oil and for treatment of muscle strains. The fact that it is all natural and provides relief without any known side effects provides a tremendous advantage over compounded products.

100 % Pure Emu Oil. Nature's purest and finest emu oil.

Manufacturer's Directions
With clean hand apply and rub a small amount amount of emu oil onto the affected area area two or three times a day.

By: on 6/19/2015

cant trust this product

no seal on product, everyone could just open it, and it was leaked little bit around cap so really dirty when i received it. I dont think I wanna buy this again.

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