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Spa Comforts Shoulder Wrap Description from Dreamtime
Create a relaxing spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Simply place the heated or cooled wrap over the neck & shoulders and feel your stress and tension easy away. Also soothing for tired and aching muscles.

Contains a calming blend of natural lavender and peppermint.

To Wash: Spot clean only. Do not allow grain fill to get wet.

100% Polyester. Contains natural grains and plant herbs.

Manufacturer's Directions
Heat Therapy: Place in a clean microwave and heat in 30 second intervals with 30 second standing time in between, until desired warmth is achieved. Check temperature before using - wrap should feel warm, not hot to the touch. Do not exceed 90 seconds total heating time. Do not leave unattended while heating.

Cold Therapy: Seal in a plastic bag and place in the freezer overnight. May be left in the freezer until ready for use.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Do not use this product on persons with diabetes, nerve damage, circulatory disease, damaged or broken skin, or persons unable to remove this product such as infants, children and some older persons.

Use only under adult supervision.