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Toothbrush & Replaceable Brush Head Description from Ecodent
1. Look at the underside of TerrAdent's Replacement Head. Our unique thermoweld technology fuses together each individual bristle, creating a solid head. Thermowelding eliminates spaces between the bristles where harmful bacteria hide and breed. Your bacteria-laden toothbrush ca spread harmful bacteria to all parts of your mouth!
2. Replaceable Toothbrush Head for your hygiene, budget, and your planet! Replacing your recyclable Head reduces plastic use up to 95% vs other brands - even recyclable ones! Only TerrAdent meets all 3 Environmental Imperatives: REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE!
3. TerrAdent has the highest percentage of dentist-preferred rounded bristles of all brands tested at a major Dental School. Vario-length bristles clean all tooth surfaces better, including between teeth and at the gum line.
4. Compact 31-Tuft Head for easy access to back teeth, inside & out.
5. Flexible Neck distributes brushing pressure better to protect gums. Ergonomic Handle provides for better grip and brush control.

Manufacturer's Directions
-Remove worn Head as shown
-Clean Handle
-Insert Replacement Head
-Press in Head until you hear "CLICK!"
-Head is now safely & securely in place.