Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves - Level 1

Black 2 glove
Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves - Level 1 Black 2 glove

This product has been discontinued. Please see similar products below.

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Pro Style Training Gloves - Level 1 Description from Everlast
16 oz.
Engineered for: Heavy Bag Training, Mitt Work, Sparring

-Grip cord inside for extra gripping power & protection
-EVERCOOL Mesh ventilation panels
-Closed cell foam technology for hand protection
-EVERFRESH Antimicrobacterial treatment prevents offensive odors, keeping your products smelling fresh.

By: on 6/15/2015

For the price, its quality is expected

You get what you pay for. A lot of users of the level 1 gloves often complain about the quality of this Everlast release. I can't blame them. I won't agree with them either. These gloves are 30 dollars and for that, you get a pair that will wither away after a few heavy sessions. But it is, as branded, level 1. You will never get a 200 dollar value for 30 bucks. You will not get a pro-level quality from a beginner's glove. Thinking you might just because it is a popular pro-brand is just plain stupid. If you are a casual fan of boxing for fitness, hitting the bags once or twice a week, this glove may not be the best choice but it is among the decent pairs you could get. There are no name brands that may be better but there sure as hell are more no name brands that are considerable worse. This has good enough padding for a non-power puncher and great wrist support. Take care of this and this might last for you. Think of this pair more of bag mitts. One other thing that is good with this pair is that is has a mesh palm side so that means your hands can breath. If you train three to four times a week, doing heavy bags and sparring, don't get this. You might injure your knuckles a few sessions down the road. And never use this for sparring. You'll be doing you and your sparring mate a favour by not fighting almost barrknuckled l. Get the more expensive but significantly more durable level 2. Better padding, better stitches. As an alternative, go get Title or Ringside gloves. Advanced boxers should get level 3. That's something around 200 bucks but would last almost as long as high end Grant or Winning pair. Advanced fighters using level 1 would rip the seams and batter the padding in one or two sessions. That'll be 30 dollars down the drain.

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