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Ketone Strips Description from Finaflex
KETONE TEST STRIPS are an easy and convenient way to test urine and quickly identify the presence and concentration of acetoacetic acid (a ketone body produced by the liver). KETONE TEST STRIPS can be used by both low-carb and ketogenic dieters to determine if the body is engaged in nutritional ketosis.

REAGENTS: 7.1% w/w sodium nitroprusside; 92.9% buffer and nonreactive ingredients

Manufacturer's Directions
1. Remove 1 strip from bottle. Replace cap on bottle immediately.
2. Hold end without test pad. Begin urination. Pass test pad through urine stream. Urine may also be collected in a clean cup. Upon collection of urine in cup, dip test pad end into urine.
3. Wait 15 seconds, then match test pad to color on color chart found on bottle label. This will identify the amount of ketones in urine.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
-Ketone Strips are for diagnosis use only. DO NOT CONSUME.
-Ketone Strips are to be used only for urine testing. DO NOT USE for blood testing.

Keep bottle sealed and store in dry room at normal temperature.