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Garden Of Life The Raw Truth

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The Raw Truth Description from Garden Of Life
Transform your health with the power of living nutrients.

Thinking of going RAW?

RAW is not just a fad...the RAW movement is here to stay. In his latest book, The RAW TRUTH, Jordan Rubin uncovers the truth about the "hottest new trend" in health that is really centuries old.

-Why are the elite in Hollywood, New York, Washington DC and everywhere in between joining the "raw revolution"?

-What are the health principles behind the raw lifestyle? Is it really a program anyone can follow?

-Who were the "raw pioneers" that paved the way for this cutting-edge approach to health?

The RAW Truth is for anyone looking to improve his or her health by relying on logical, simple health principles that have been historically demonstrated in the lives of thirteen "Legends of Health" - as well as the author Jordan Rubin, whose personal story of health transformation has touched millions of lives.

You'll also meet some of the hottest trendsetters in the RAW World and gain access to their recipes, resources and knowledge in this fast-moving page-turner that is sure to both motivate and educate you.

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