MHP Dark Rage Fruit Punch 2 lbs

MHP Dark Rage

Fruit Punch 2 lbs

This product has been discontinued.

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Dark Rage Overview

MHP Dark Rage is a revolutionary new pre-workout formula that combines powerful stimulants, potent herbal adaptogens and endurance enhancing compounds to give you some of the best workouts you’ve ever experienced. Proven ingredients like beta alanine, BCAA’s, electorlytes, creatine-o-phosphate and creatine gluconate are stacked with hemo-expanding compounds like cyanophyta, angelica sinensis and many others. These compounds help enhance oxygen transport in the blood, increasing your muscular endurance and boosting strength. Combined with the beta alanine, creatine and BCAA’s, MHP Dark Rage makes for one powerful workout experience.

Each box of MHP Dark Rage comes with 20 super-concentrated packets, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with clumpy product in a tub. Each packet of Dark Rage is also loaded with powerful thermogenic compounds like yohimbe HCL, caffeine anhydrous, huperzine A, vinpocetine, theobromine and phenylethylamine, giving you plenty of energy and endurance that stack incredibly well with the other ingredients. If you’re looking for a truly effective pre-workout product, MHP Dark Rage is a must try.

Dark Rage Description from MHP
The Next Generation Pre-workout Formula with EPO Blood Doping Technology Triggers Powerful Anabolic Hormone for Extreme Muscle Pumps, Power and Performance!

-Mind Blowing Pumps and Vascularity
-Increased Strength and Endurance
-Maximum Muscle Growth
-Extreme Energy, Intensity and Mental Focus
-Faster Recovery

DARK RAGE sets a new scientific standard of pre-workout supplementation with exclusive EPO Blood Doping Technology and an amazingly powerful combination of advanced, next generation ingredients designed to take your workouts to an entirely new level of intensity, increased strength, extreme muscle growth, incredible anabolic muscle pumps and fast recovery!

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 20
IngredientAmount% Daily Value**
Total Carbohydrates30g10
Dark Rage Proprietary Pump and Total Performance Complex: Epodrol (EPO Plasma Red Blood Cell38g
Stimulator) Glucose Polymers, Blood Building Vitamin and Mineral Complex, Aracidonic Acid,
Nattokinase, Echinacea, Portulaca Oleracea, Glycerol Monostearate, Albumin, Cobalt, Nickel
Hema Stem: (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Stimulator) Cyanophyta Extract, Angelica Sinesis, Ginkgo,
Green Tea/Black Tea/Red Tea Blend, Blueberry
VasoSHOCK-NO: (Nitric Oxide Mass Pump Infusion) L-Arginine AKG, Di-Arginine Malate,
Arginine Ethyl Ester, L-Arginine, Pine Bark Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract, Cnidium
Monnier, NAD, Red Wine Extract, Citruline, Icarin, MCT's, Hemafolate.
MyoVOL-ATP: (Advanced Multi-Phase Creatine Transport and Muscle Cell Volumizing Matrix) Creatinol
O-Phosphate, glucose Bound Creatine Gluconate, Microtein, Glycocyamine, Guanipro Guanidino Propionic
acid, TMG
BetaEndur: (Muscle Endurance Beta Alanine/pH Buffering System) Beta Alanine, Beta Alanine Ethyl
Ester, BCAA's, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Potassium Citrate, Potassium
Phosphate, Histidine, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Phosphate, Taurine
PsychoRage: (Extreme Focus and Energy Up Regulators) Glucuronolactone, Caffeine Anhydrous,
1-Amino-2-Phenylethane, Beta Methoxyphenylethylamine, Tyrosine, Yohimbe HCI, Huperzine A,
Vinpocetine, Theobromine
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.

Maltodextrin, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Silica, FD&C Red #40 Lake, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, FD&C Blue #1, Glyceryl Monostearate, and Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Manufacturer's Directions
For the ultimate workout experience and peak performance, take Dark Rage 30 to 45 minutes before workouts. Mix 1 scoop with 12 to 16 oz of water in a glass or shaker bottle.

By: on 8/03/2015

The Best

It keeps you focus and gives you the extra lift. If you dont like the taste put it in a blender with ice add some fruit. This product is one of the best out there. You will see results fast.

By: on 2/11/2014


I have tried ever pre-workout there is. I love the way Dark Rage makes me feel focused without the jitters. It's true, the taste leaves much to be desired but I don't buy pre-workout for the taste. I've been taking this for years and have no desire to try anything else. Great pump, awesome gains. What more do you need? I take Dark Rage about 25 minutes before my workout and it seems to be the perfect time frame for me. Give it a try. Besides the taste, you'll love it!

By: on 1/24/2010

Rage-Fruit punch

Overall good product. Taste not so good but helps if you mix with a bit of cranberry/grape juice. Got way better results than I did with NO Xplode. I only took it pre workout so the effects were better. Focus was good, workouts intense and didn't feel jittery after taking it 2-3 times. CAN NOT PRE MIX THIS and drink it an hour later. For some reason, it just doesn't feel like it works. Wife took a quarter scoop before work one day because she didn't get good rest that night and had the single most productive day she ever had. Her intensity actually scared her and she wouldn't try it again!

By: on 12/11/2009


I would have to say that DARK RAGE is a very good supplement. Besides the taste it is an awesome supplement it works really well and gives me the adrenaline I am needing to work out with. It is better than the NANO VAPOR I used to take but I dont know about the N.O. XPLODE yet will someone tell me something about it...

By: on 3/05/2009

the worst tasting pre workout ever

let me begin by saying im relatively new to the workout scene but after taking no xplode for the past 6-8 months i wanted to try something new. i ordered this product and while the results are ok( not better than no xplode just ok) the taste makes it so hard to get down that i'd rather just go without this applies to the cola fizz although ive heard the same about the fruit punch

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