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Vegetable Glycerine 100% Pure Versatile Skin Care Overview

NOW Vegetable Glycerine is an extremely pure, colorless, odorless liquid derived from vegetable oil. It's very versatile and is safe for you to apply to your skin or even to eat. It's commonly used as a sweetener and thickener with minimal impact to blood sugar. Vegetable Glycerin is also extremely useful in cosmetic uses.

Chemically, it mixes with both water and oil, giving it a lubricating, oily texture and powerful moisturizing properties. It's perfect as a hypoallergenic base for making specialized facial and body care products. For a simple, pure and powerful skin softener and moisturizer, try NOW Vegetable Glycerine.

Vegetable Glycerine 100% Pure Versatile Skin Care Description from Now
Vegetable Glycerine Oil from NOW has a rich, lubricating texture that is easily soluble in water. And because it is derived entirely from vegetable oil, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for use in all your of your favorite cosmetic applications. Additionally, NOW Vegetable Glycerine Oil is extremely pure, and therefore safe for both topical and internal use.

100% Pure

Manufacturer's Directions
NOW Vegetable Glycerine is a USP and food grade, all-natural product derived from vegetable oil. Vegetable Glycerine moisturizes and cleanses skin, has emollient (softening) and lubricating properties. Vegetable lubricating properties. Vegetable Glycerine may also be used as a natural low-glycemic sweetener or as a base for herbal extracts. For soft, moisturized skin, simply massage a few drops of NOW Vegetable Glycerine on desired areas, as needed. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.