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100% Pure 15 lbs
Now Xylitol 100% Pure 15 lbs

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Xylitol Overview

If xylitol (SIGH-li-tall) isn't the ideal substitute for sugar, it's darn close. This totally natural and safe compound has a white granular appearance, similar to and a bit coarser than table sugar. Spoon for spoon you measure and use it just like sugar. Xylitol has a cool, neutral sweetness. Because it metabolizes so slowly, xylitol has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetics and dieters. In the kitchen xylitol works for most recipes except when you're baking with yeast, or when making certain types of candy. Not only is xylitol a lot kinder to your teeth than sugar, it's actually been found to inhibit the formation of cavities.

Xylitol Description from Now
There's a lot to like about xylitol. This naturally-occurring sugar alcohol is one of the healthiest and most unique sweetners you'll find. Unlike sugars such as sucrose and fructose, NOW Real Food Xyiltol is a sugar alcohol, which doesn't promote tooth decay. Even though it's classified as a carbohydrate, it has a low glycemic impact due to its slow absorption in the digestive tract, and it's caloric impact is around 1/3 lower than other carbohydrates, making Xylitol a healthy sweetener that's hard to beat.

NOW Real Food Pure Xylitol powder is derived from corn and is the perfect healthy substitute for sugar in many cooking applications.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 grams
Servings Per Container: 1700
IngredientAmount% Daily Value**
Calories from fat0
Total fat0
Total Carbohydrate4g1
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.

Ingredients: Pure Xylitol Powder

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Diarrhea may occur with excessive consumption. If this happens, reduce intake or discontinue use

Warning: Xylitol is safe for people, but harmful to dogs. Do not feed to pets.

By: on 12/13/2016


No, they are not. One difference is the size of the granules. I have bought xylitol that was like confectioners sugar, so fine a powder the it was almost impossible to measure correctly, and the powder would disperse in the air like dust. While I believe that xylitol is completely healthy, I doubt that breathing xylitol dust is particularly good. This product is just about identical in granule size to table sugar. So it looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and acts like sugar in measuring, dissolving and mixing. Speaking of health, the next difference is the question of genetic modification. Sure, the jury is still out on the question of genetically modified foods being unhealthy, but, in this case, I choose to believe that it IS harmful unless and until it is debunked scientifically. I am not like that generally. I still think that global warming is a myth. Not all brands of xylitol are non-GMO. This product IS. But then comes the third difference. Anyone who has shopped at stores like Trader Joes or Whole Foods knows that non-GMO products tend to be more pricey than the modified stuff. Well, this 15 pound bag of excellent xylitol costs including shipping $4.26/pound. When I first started using xylitol, I bought it at The Vitamin Shoppe. At that store, and others like Whole Foods charge between $12 and $15 for a pound! At that rate, I would practically count the number of granules that I would be planning to use. Now I use it for tea and coffee, I make our own ice cream, bake with it, use it for everything that calls for sugar. The last thing has to do with All Star Health. I live in the San Fernando Valley, so I am only 50 or 60 miles from the supping point. But they are the FASTEST to ship an order of ANY company I have dealt with, INCLUDING Amazon which, in my opinion, has set the standard for customer service. Earlier this year, I was actually searching Amazon for xylitol and bought from an Amazon seller. But it was more expensive than what I found at All Star, and, fast as it was, it was beat by All Star. As Forrest Gump would say, THATS ALL IM GOING TO SAY ABOUT THAT".

By: on 1/22/2016

Xylitol reduces bacteria.

Love it, great price, super product. My dentist recommended taking 1 tsp after every meal and just swish it around my mouth for several minutes then swallow it – helps reduce bacteria.

By: on 1/29/2015

great stuff

We use this as a substitute for sugar when we eat sweets which isnt often. It is used 1:1 as sugar would be. easy and lower carb. :

By: on 11/05/2014

Xylitol is Xcelent

Xylitol is Xcelent. Great product at a comparitively low cost. As a prediabetic I have used it for several years.

By: on 8/25/2010

Fabulous product, fabulous price

While the toxicity of Xylitol for dogs is well documented, its complete safety - at any dose - for humans is just as well documented. Don't feed it to your canines, take a couple months for your GI tract to adjust, and you will be soaring free in zero-glycemic-index, tastes-exactly-like-sugar heaven!!! I have used NOW Xylitol in everything from Kool-Aid, to baked goods to the all-important cup(s) of coffee and cappuccino in the morning. Plus, it actually kills the bacteria that cause cavities in your mouth and greatly reduces bacterial ear-nose-throat infections. You absolutely can't go wrong with Xylitol (just don't feed it to your dogs!)

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