Quantum MagiComb

1 unit
Quantum MagiComb 1 unit

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MagiComb Description from Quantum
MagiComb, is a revolutionary, internationally patented electronic combing tool designed to eliminate head lice and their eggs, and to prevent infestation. It is professional quality comb made of high quality materials. It's teeth are more closely spaced than other combs, and can remove even the smallest lice and nits. MagiComb operates on two standard C type batteries. Owning a MagiComb is like have an insurance policy against head lice.
MagiComb is a head lice remedy that uses 21st century technology to provide outstanding results. No other head lice remedy offers the capability of preventing lice and eliminating them.

Manufacturer's Directions
Turn the comb on and let your child hold it for a minute to get used to the sound and feel. Sit in a dry bath tub or outdoors or obtain and use a hair catching bib. You do not want the lice and nits falling on furniture or carpets where they can go on living for several hours and attach themselves to family members. Turn on the comb. Thoroughly comb the hair in small one or two inch sections. Repeat the combining process a second time. A full treatment generally takes five minutes, depending on the length of hair.

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