Quantum OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch 20 unit

Quantum OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch

20 unit

This product has been discontinued.

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OraMoist Dry Mouth Patch Description from Quantum
OraMoist is a unique oral patch that adheres to the roof of the mouth and moisturizes the mouth for hours. OraMoist has been specially developed to alleviate parched, dry mouths, moisten the mouth, and improve general oral health.

Xylitol, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, carbomer, lemon flavor, citric acid, calcium carbonate, hydroxy propyl cellulose, triglycerides, sodium choloride, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, annatto, glucose oxidase, lysozyme, lactoferrin.

Manufacturer's Directions
Place the OraMoist patch on a clean, dry finger with the convex or round pink side up. Place the pink side on either side of the roof of the mouth halfway back and hold in place for 10 seconds. The patch will adhere to the palate for 2-4 hours and then dissolve. OraMoist increases mouth moisture, alleviates the feeling of dry mouth, and locks in moisture. If using more than three a day, change the position of the patch in the mouth. Alternate application / Denture wearers: The patch may be applied to any soft tissue inside the mouth such as the inside of the cheek. Do not attach to dentures or appliances.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Do not use on children under 5 years old without consulting a physician. If swelling or rash develops where the patch is attached to the mouth, discontinue use. If rash worsens, consult a health professional. Keep out of reach of children.

By: on 11/07/2012

Helped me, a dialysis patient, beat dry mouth & limit fluids

Being on hemodialysis I need to limit my fluid intake beween treatments. I get treatments on M-W-F and if I drink too much between treatments it makes for a very difficult time since all the weight gained must be removed causing cramping, sometimes extreme. First time I tried Oramoist I was hooked and took the extra sample to the dialysis unit the next day and could or should have auctioned it, I would have done well as it is a problem for most of us. For me, the disc lasted approximately 5 hrs during the night with about 2 hrs of wake time and eating. No longer craving water and I had been all day. Has a pleasant light Lemon flavor. As it slowly dissolved the texture was a suprise since hadn't really thought about it but was ok. Would highly recommend and have. (Sorry I rambled)

By: on 12/19/2011

Used since '08; works extremely well. must have in many situations

Diagnosed w/Sjogren's Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2008; had dry mouth since mid 1990s; Sjogren's support group gave out samples. Unfortunately the only way to get this is on-line. But if you have dry mouth, this works for a long period of time, it is less expensive than the sprays. It is a wonderful product for those of us with Sjogren's Syndrome dry mouth.

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