Renew Life The Detox Strategy

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Renew Life The Detox Strategy 1 book

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The Detox Strategy Description from Renew Life
Regardless of where and how you live, your body is harboring dozens if not hundreds of toxins that could be sabotaging your health. Low on energy? Dealing with chronic illness? Having trouble losing weight? Toxins might be to blame. From your mattress to your toothpaste to your nonstick pans to the food you eat and the (bottled) water you drink -- every day your body is bombarded with chemicals that can alter the way your body works, affecting its natural processes and capacity to heal and maintain vibrancy. Even though we are built to handle foreign substances effectively, our liver and other organs simply cannot cope with today's glut of toxins, many of which are too foreign and toxic for our bodies to manage well. This ultimately causes us to age prematurely, to gain weight, and to become more prone to disease.
The Detox Strategy by Brenda Watson, C.N.C., who is the bestselling author of The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret, a PBS mainstay, and an expert on internal cleansing and detoxification, introduces us to the revolutionary RENEW program (Reduce, Eliminate, Nourish, Energize, Wellness), which aids in reversing the effects of aging and rejuvenating the body and mind. The program offers a holistic approach to protecting and nurturing your body's innate purification physiology. The result is a higher quality of life, more energy, longevity.
The Detox Strategy reveals: The truth about where toxins come from and how they affect our bodies How toxins can accelerate the aging process by causing poor health and chronic disease How to determine your individual level of toxic exposure and the steps you can take to reduce it Why efforts to cleanse and detoxify the body are an essential part of enhancing one's energy and vitality and preserving overall health How maintaining a cleaner, more vibrant body can affect longevity.
The Detox Strategy includes a detailed herbal supplement plan for gently flushing out harmful toxins, including heavy metals.

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