Schiek Sports Black Line Wrist Wraps

24 Inch 2 unit
Schiek Sports Black Line Wrist Wraps 24 Inch 2 unit

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Black Line Wrist Wraps Description from Schiek Sports
-EXTRA Heavy Duty cotton elastic for maximum support

-Extra wide hook and loop closure

-24 inch length

By: on 9/15/2016

great quality

Im not a powerlifter but i am a bodybuilder, i do have torn ligaments in my wrist and these take care of me when i do heavier sets. They are gym equipment so they do get a smell to them after while but i have put them through the wash with oxyclean several times and they come out clean and it has not affected the elastic at all. 24" does great to made a firm brace for my wrist, its not to long and long enough to where it actually does something.

By: on 6/05/2014

Schiek Sports Black Line Wrist Wraps

Highest quality wrist wraps Ive used. Made in America. Long history in weight lifting, not an overnight company. Provides great support for all overhead movements including handstand push ups and heavy front squats. I do and have recommended them to anyone who is having wrist pain from weight training. I have been using mine nearly everyday for 3 months with no negative signs of wear and/or tear. I also feel more confident with all my lifts that induced wrist pain before having these wraps and have had no wrist pain since use. Definitely something you dont want to wait to get. Get them now.

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