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Rx Cross Training Knee Sleeves Description from Schiek Sports
Model 1170CF Schiek Rx Cross Training Knee Sleeves are made of plush 5mm think neoprene. Designed and Crafted to provide ultimate comfort and support during all your training exercises. These high quality knee sleeves are sold in PAIRS!

There are ways of using and caring for the Schiek Rx Cross Training Knee Sleeves that can make them last.

When Used as Knee Sleeves: Probably the best way to slip the sleeve on is to turn the sleeve halfway down so the half of the inside rubber side is exposed. Avoid getting your fingernails in contact with the rubber material by holding the sleeve between the first joint of your thumb and fingers while pulling it on until it is just past the middle point of your knee.
Once you have it that far, flip up the folded knee sleeve so the remaining rubber covers the thighs over the knee joint. If, for some reason, you have a difficult time sliding the sleeves on, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the inside of your sleeve before sliding it on.

When Used as Elbow Sleeves: The principle for the wear and care of the sleeve on the knees also applies for their use as elbow sleeve. If you have difficulty in sliding the band to cover the elbows, try turning it inside out; however one of the true benefits from the elbow sleeve will be lost when it is worn this way.

When to wear the sleeve: The knee sleeve provide the joints with warmth, support and stability. The sleeve are not intended to be used continuously but used during your exercise period when the knees or arms are actively engaged. The use of the sleeve is encouraged when squats (full knee bends) and Olympic movements are performed.

If you are allergic to neoprene, do not use the sleeves.

Manufacturer's Directions
After each use rinse bands with war running water and pat dry with atowel. Then allow them to air dry. Every now and then use mild soap to wash bands and rinse thoroughly.