Sequoia Fitness Products Defender - Body Fat Caliper

1 unit
Sequoia Fitness Products Defender - Body Fat Caliper 1 unit

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Defender - Body Fat Caliper Description from Sequoia Fitness Products
Defend yourself against fat with the new Defender Body Fat Caliper. Can you meet the military standards for physical readiness? Lose and measure your fat loss now - get physically stronger - and win the fat war today!

The Defender Body Fat Results Wheel makes it easy to calculate your body fat. Simply line up your age with the total of your readings and your body fat% appears in the window. No charts or formulas are required!

Included in package:
Defender Body Fat Caliper, Defender Body Fat Results Wheel, User Manual with Body Fat Measurement Techniques, Caliper Instructions, Body Fat Standards Charts and Body Fat Tracking Chart.

Manufacturer's Directions
Simply pinch on your measurement sites and the Visual Pressure Indicator turns from Red to Green letting you know when to release caliper. Once you let go, the measurement arrow stays fixed for easy results.

By: on 4/24/2016

Defender vs. Metacal: not my first caliper

I needed to review this product as I previously used the Metacal BF caliper from Sequoia, which I really liked. Although the Metacal was flimsy and although it broke, it was cheap enough to replace. More importantly I feel the Defender does not give as accurate a result as its cheaper cousin. I feel it is hard to get a consistent result easily with this caliper. It may be slightly more durable but it is harder to zero in on a believable BF%. From experience I would say it is consistently 1-2% below my actual body fat percent, so I would round up whatever result I get. Good but not great,still a fair price though.

By: on 3/27/2015

I dont trust it

It has a "pressure indicator" that signals when you have applied appropriate pressure. However, it takes quite a bit of pressure to trigger the indicator. I feel like it ultimately gives you an inaccurate reading, reporting that BF% is lower than it actually is. I tested myself several times, and the readings were relatively consistent, just lower than I they should have been.This was my first caliper, but I feel like there are better ones on the market. An extra set of hands and a keen eye observing the plunger that triggers the indicator in lieu of the indicator itself would likely yield more accurate results.

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