Universal Nutrition The Cage DVD 1 unit

Universal Nutrition The Cage DVD

1 unit

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The Cage DVD Description from Universal Nutrition
The Cage
"Lifting in The Cage is unlike any other experience. You can't describe it...You just can't explain it. You have to experience it." Experiencing The Cafe. These words are no less true for the elite few, like Sam Byrd, who have had the opportunity to lift in The Cage as it is for those fans that have visited it. The Cage is not just a booth that thunders to life only once a year in Columbus, Ohio. It is more. It is not just a space filled with weight equipment and enclosed within 8 foot fenced walls. It is a spectacle that's greater than the sum of its parts, larger than the warriors who smash the iron and put on a show of strength unlike anything else in the world. Some have called this experience the "Superbowl of Lifting". We call it The Cage. If you have never made the journey to Columbus, we at Animal invite you now to step inside and glimpse this world, our world.

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