Herbs and other botanicals have been used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. Herbs naturally synthesize many complex chemical compounds as part of their metabolic activities. Many of these compounds are directly related to the plant's energy production, while others are toxins synthesized in order to ward off other plants, animals or infectious parasites. Many of these chemical compounds exert a desired physiological effect when consumed by humans.*

Herbal supplements commonly address specific medicinal concerns. Echinacea and Goldenseal Root are believed to boost immune system function, thereby preventing and reducing the duration of the common cold and flu. Other immune enhancing herbs include Astragalus, Olive Leaf, Oregano Oil and a variety of mushroom extracts.*

Many herbal supplements are also thought to assist with the detoxification and purification of the body and its vital organs. Milk thistle and pygeum africanum have been studied for their ability to cleanse and regenerate the liver. Saw palmetto has been shown to help nourish and support proper prostate function. Senna leaf and Cascara sagrada help support colon and digestive health by promoting regularity. *

Brain and neurologic functionality can also benefit from herbal supplementation. The Chinese herb ginkgo biloba has been found to contain unique substances called flavone glycosides, which are thought to be beneficial in counteracting age-related mental decline. Vinpocetine, a key component of the periwinkle plant, may improve cognitive performance and the short-term memory loss that is often experienced with stress or aging. Studies have shown that vinpocetine significantly increases blood flow to the brain.*

There are also herbal remedies for everything from energy production to sexual health and mood support. Many herbs are also associated with weight loss. Herbs such as green tea leaf, yohimbe and irvingia gabonensis have all been studied for their ability to speed up the metabolism and promote a healthy waistline.*

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