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Pet Products

At All Star Health, we take care of all the members of your family to keep them healthy, and that includes your pets! Treat your loving pets to the very best in nutritional food, beneficial vitamins and supplements and premium grooming supplies. In our large selection of pet supplies, you'll find brand name products in addition to hard-to-find items. There are many diverse offerings, from natural tear stain powder and green foods supplements for animals to dog shampoo and feline joint support formulas. What they all have in common is that they help keep your four-legged companions happy, healthy and living full, vibrant lives.

Would you like to feed your animals all-natural, organic foods, but you have a hard time finding them at your local grocery or pet store? You'll discover a big selection of quality pet food, both wet and dry varieties, plus treats and snacks.

Just as human dietary supplements can help relieve various maladies, our pet supplements can make your pet more comfortable. We have formulas to help with digestion, relieve pet aches and pains and improve the quality of their coat so that it's thick and lustrous. There are even pet dietary supplements that can improve their temperament and mood. For example, Bach Rescue Remedy, a popular treatment for human anxiety and stress, is also available for your pets. There are other relaxing formulas for jumpy pups and kitties, to make them more at ease in stressful situations. With our comprehensive line of cat and dog supplements, your furry family member will live a longer, happier life.

Good grooming is an essential part of a healthy, happy pet. That's why we stock a wide selection of dog and cat shampoos, coat conditioners, shedding formulas, ear rinse and hairball treatments.

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