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Guggulsterone Supplements: Information

Guggulsterones are beneficial compounds derived from a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plant preparation called guggul, a gummy resin collected from the small Commiphora mukul tree. The two primary types thought to be responsible for gugglsterones' effects are Z-Guggulsterone and E-Guggulsterone.

Guggulsterone's Health Benefits

Guggulsterones may be able to support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health.1,2 Some animal studies suggest guggulsterones may also benefit conditions like hypothyroidism in humans.3

Using Guggulsterone Supplements

Use as directed.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Guggul may cause stomach discomfort or allergic rash as well as other serious side effects and interactions. It should be avoided in pregnant or breast-feeding women and in children. Safety of use beyond 4 months has not been well studied.4

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