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Post-Workout Formulas

The Importance of Post-Workout Nutrition

It isn't just your workout that determines the success of your training program. For maximum strength and conditioning gains, you need to pay close attention to your post-workout recovery. This is a critical part of your training session, as it's a “use it or lose it” situation. If you wait too long to re-supply your body with the vital nutrients it needs, it won't be able to efficiently use them, and this can affect the results of your training. These high-performance post-workout supplements provide your body with essential nutrients so you can reach higher levels of fitness.

Athletes often underestimate the importance of this post-workout recovery phase, choosing instead to focus on pre-workout formulas, hormones and their actual training session. Although each of these is important, post-workout nutrition builds on the progress you've made and puts all that hard work to the best possible use.

When you're fatigued and exhausted following a hard workout is no time to begin thinking about your post-workout nutrition! Professional athletes and sports nutrition experts know that you need to plan your post-workout nutrition in advance. These advanced formulas are designed for maximum recovery and replenishment of vital nutrients.

Things to Remember When Choosing Post-Workout Supplements:

  • Post-workout nutritional requirements include a protein supplement and substantial carbs, but protein powders are low in carbs. This makes standard protein powder an incomplete solution.
  • Post-workout formulas are specialized products, in that they address other dietary requirements.
  • Electrolyte minerals are lost in significant quantities during exercise through normal metabolism as well as perspiration. These electrolytes are key to reflexes and clear thinking, in addition to managing fluid and pH balance. Loss of fluids means loss of electrolytes. Many post-workout formulas include some electrolyte minerals. You can also choose a standalone electrolyte-replacement supplement.

For the best results from your training program, take a close look at your post-workout regimen and choose the best post-workout supplements from All Star Health to fill in all the gaps that may be keeping you from achieving your greatest potential.


Sport - Hydration

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Waxy Maize 5.5 lbs

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Clear Muscle 84 lcaps

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Juven - Therapeutic Nutrition Powder

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After Shock Tactical Post-Workout Catalyst

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Gaspari Nutrition


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Sport - Hydration + Caffeine

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Xtend Sport Strawberry Kiwi Splash 345 grams

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Plant Based Vega Sport Recovery Tropical 19 oz

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GlycoJect - Glycogen Injection Matrix

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