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Valerian: Information

Valerian is an herb known botanically as Valeriana officinalis. Once used as a perfume agent, Valerian herbal supplements are now used for their potent relaxing and anti-anxiety effects, and also to promote better sleep quality.

Valerian's Health Benefits

The most common use of valerian is as a general relaxant and remedy for insomnia, with a recent scientific review providing some evidence of effectiveness. The mechanism of action of valerian as a relaxation agent is incompletely understood. Valerian compounds may affect receptors related to a neurotransmitter known as GABA, which is another useful relaxation agent in its own right.

Using Valerian Supplements

Use Valerian products as directed. Response to valerian varies, so users usually need to experiment to find their ideal dose and timing. Some users experience benefits with the first use, other require more time. Valerian can be used with other relaxants such as tryptophan and sleep aids such as melatonin