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Straps, whether weightlifting straps or specialized types like abdominal straps, are a great investment in your training that can pay off with the very first use. Straps are a simple yet effective way to protect the all-important gripping surfaces of your hands from injury or abrasion. At the same time, straps enhance grip strength, minimizing the chances of slipped or dropped weights. Many athletes find that they can train with greater intensity when using straps, and many fitness professionals won't train without them. If you've been training without straps, add a pair onto your next order and see what they can do for your workouts and physique.

Once you realize what lifting straps can do for your workouts, you'll want to check out our selection of lifting belts and gloves. It's not 'cheating' to use accessories like these; they let you push yourself to the limit while helping to ensure that injuries don't sideline you. Virtually all the pros take advantage of them and you should too!