Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Yeast Balance 1 kit

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Whole Body Yeast Balance の説明 from Enzymatic Therapy
On-going studies find that Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum support healthy yeast balance.
-Research shows that oregano oil extract has high levels of total antioxidants and supports healthy balance of beneficial probiotics.
-Clinical studies found thyme was effective in supporting healthy yeast balance.
-Clinical studies repeatedly demonstrate peppermint oil's efficacy in supporting digestive tract health.
-Fiber helps rid the body of toxins and supports healthy yeast balance.

Fiber Fusion
1回あたりの使用量: 4 ultracaps
内容量: 10
成分 一日の摂取量%
Calories 10
Total Carbohydrate 2 g <1
Dietary Fiber 2 g 8
Proprietary Fiber Blend 1.7 g
-Psyllium husk, oat bran, guar gum seed extract, pectin, marshmallow
一日の摂取量は2000カロリーを目安になっております。 個人のカロリー摂取量によってこちらの目安は変わります。
Acidophilus Pearls
1回あたりの使用量: 1 capsule
内容量: 10
成分 一日の摂取量%
Proprietary Probiotic Blend 1 BCFU
一日の摂取量は2000カロリーを目安になっております。 個人のカロリー摂取量によってこちらの目安は変わります。
Yeast Balance
1回あたりの使用量: 2 softgels
内容量: 5
成分 一日の摂取量%
Oregano Aerial Part Oil Extract 0.2 mL
Peppermint Leaf Oil Extract 0.1 mL
Thyme Leaf and Stem Oil Extract 0.1 mL
-Goldenseal Root and Rhizome Extract
一日の摂取量は2000カロリーを目安になっております。 個人のカロリー摂取量によってこちらの目安は変わります。

Fiber Fusion daily cleansing fiber
Days 1-5: Four UltraCaps at night with eight ounces of water.
Days 6-10: Four UltraCaps in the morning with eight ounces of water.

Acidophilus Pearls active cultures
Days 6-10 only: One capsule in the morning and one at night. May be taken with or without food. Do not chew or crush. NOTE: Two Acidophilus Pearls capsules per day are needed to quickly replenish the intestines with friendly flora.

After completing this cleanse program, you can maintain the benefits of a healthy digestive system by regularly taking Acidophilus Pearls at a maintenance dose of one capsule daily.

Yeast Balance herbal blend Days 1-5 only: Two softgels at night.