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Liver Rescue の説明 from Health Force
Our livers are constantly stressed from food toxins, environmental toxins, drugs (over the counter and prescription). A stressed liver has profound health ramifications for the entire body. Liver Rescue contains powerful liver herbs that:
-Support healthy bile flow and both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification
-Provide powerful direct antioxidants to support liver function
-Support the liver's ability to produce the powerful metabolic antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase

1回あたりの使用量: 2 vcaps
内容量: 60
成分 一日の摂取量%
Carbohydrates 1g <1
Milk Thistle Seed Extract 600mg
Dandelion Root Extract 250mg
Chanca Piedra Whole Herb Extract 100mg
Turmeric Root Extract 50mg
一日の摂取量は2000カロリーを目安になっております。 個人のカロリー摂取量によってこちらの目安は変わります。

Manufactured in vegan facility free of gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Vegan - Gluten Free - Kosher

Other Ingredients: VeganCaps (fermented tapioca)

2 VeganCaps per day (or as advised by a health care professional).