Source Naturals Red Wine Extract with Resveratrol 60 tabs

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Red Wine Extract with Resveratrol の説明 from Source Naturals
Source Naturals Red Wine Extract with Resveratrol provides the heart-health benefits of red wine without the downsides of alcohol. Resveratrol is a compound produced by plants for protection from environmental stresses. Studies have demonstrated that resveratrol activates SIRT I genes, which mimic the healthy aging effects of caloric restriction. Resveratrol may support heart health by providing the antioxidant protection needed for healthy circulation, and by inhibiting inflammation messengers including NF kappa B.

1回あたりの使用量: 2 tablets
内容量: 30
成分 一日の摂取量%
Calories 5
Sodium 5 mg <2
Total Carbohydrates 1 g <2
Polygonum cuspidatum Root Standardized Extract 1 g
Total Resveratrols 80 mg
Resveratrol 20 mg
Red Wine Extract 600 mg
Grape Seed Extract 50 mg
Grape Skin Extract 50 mg
Green Tea Leaf Extract 50 mg
Quercetin 20 mg
一日の摂取量は2000カロリーを目安になっております。 個人のカロリー摂取量によってこちらの目安は変わります。

Other Ingredients: silicified microcrystalline cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, and silica.

2 tablets twice daily.

If you are taking anti-coagulant medications or any prescription drugs consult your physician before use. Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women or if you may become pregnant.