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Mental Support Formulas

Mental Support Formulas: Information

Nutritional status has a major effect on how we think and feel. The brain and central nervous system are very complex and metabolically active systems that consume disproportionately high levels of oxygen and nutrients. They are therefore very sensitive to nutritional imbalances. The presence or absence of vital, essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids can have major impact on mood, state of mind and mental acuity.

Health Benefits of Mental Support Formulas

Students, working parents, busy professionals and artists of all types can benefit from Mental Support Formulas. They help many to achieve more focus, better concentration and improved mood, all of which contribute to a more healthy and productive lifestyle.

Using Mental Support Formulas

Use as directed. Many products in this category can take from one to several weeks of use before full effects are realized.


Citicoline (250mg)

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Ginkgo Biloba (120mg)

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St. John's Wort (300mg)

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