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Nighttime Proteins

Slow-Release Protein/ Nighttime Protein: Information

Slow-release protein is just what it sounds like: protein that is absorbed by the body over a greater period of time in order to stave off muscle catabolism (break-down). Slow-release proteins are popularly taken at night before bed in order to prevent or reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue that occurs during sleep.

Health Benefits of Slow-Release Protein /Nighttime Protein

The body uses sleep to restore, repair and renew itself from the day's damage. If your goal is to build or maintain muscle, then it makes sense to capitalize on this important opportunity for muscle growth. Muscle catabolism occurs when the body does not have adequate fuel to support energy and nutrient needs, and muscle fiber is sacrificed for its amino acids. During sleep, the body is in a fasting state and normally does not have access to outside sources of fuel. Slow-release protein, however, provides the body with the nutrients and amino acids necessary during sleep to prevent catabolism and encourage muscle growth and recovery.

Using Nighttime Proteins

Use as directed in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program. Slow-release protein is available in powder (shake) form.


100% Casein Protein

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