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Soy Protein Bars

Protein is such a vital nutrient for athletes and busy people on the go that it's hard to overstate just how important it is nutritionally. Protein bars are a convenient and economical way to get the protein you need without the expense or inconvenience of a high-protein meal like meat or fish. Unfortunately for some people, most protein bars utilize whey, casein or other types of animal protein, making them unsuitable for vegetarians or those with allergies to these proteins. With unique benefits not attributable to other protein sources, soy protein is a beneficial protein supplement in its own right, preferred by many customers. Soy Protein Bars are a great solution for anyone who wants the convenience of a ready-to-eat high protein bar in a nutritious vegetarian/vegan format.

Clif Bar

Builder's Bar

6 Options from $20.49 - $20.99

ディスカウント% up to 49%


Clif Bar

Luna Bar

7 Options from $17.00 - $19.49

ディスカウント% up to 54%



Plant Based PureFit Premium Protein Bar

5 Options $26.25