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Water Retention Formulas

Water Retention Formulas: Overview

Water Retention Formulas are nutrient combinations that support the elimination of excess water from body tissues. Water Retention Formulas are commonly used by competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes who know how important it is to shed excess water before a show. Carrying excess water tends to 'soften' the overall appearance of one's physique and decrease the vascularity and detail of hard-earned muscle.

How Water Retention Formulas Work

Water Retention Formulas utilize many familiar vitamins, herbs and minerals that either have diuretic properties or help to restore fluid balance at the cellular level. Cells use the minerals sodium and potassium to regulate cell volume by controlling the movement of water into and out of the cell. Proper fluid balance requires a high concentration of potassium and low concentration of sodium inside the cell. This balance is maintained by a structure in the cell membrane called the sodium-potassium pump. The sodium-potassium pump requires ATP energy to function.

The kidneys help to regulate overall fluid balance in the body by removing more or less water from the the bloodstream as they filter out wastes in the process of making urine. Some diuretics such as caffeine and dandelion extracts affect this process to support elimination of excess water.

Unfortunately, most diets supply vastly more sodium than potassium. Sodium is added to most processed and prepared foods. Potassium is best supplied by fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables. A high ratio of dietary sodium to potassium, which is very common, promotes the retention of extra water and places extra demands on the body's energy resources by forcing cells to use ATP to keep out excess sodium. This can be a 'hidden' source of fatigue in some individuals consuming high-sodium low-potassium diets.

Using Water Retention Formulas

Fluid balance is a critical factor in maintaining health, and therefore Water Retention Formulas should be respected and used as directed. Although it may be counter-intuitive to do so, drinking plenty of water while using a Water Retention Formula helps to increase the rate of elimination and lessen the impact on metabolism. Be sure to read label directions carefully and completely before using and discontinue use immediately if any side-effects occur.